The #IndieApril IndieScribable survey

First, I do have but the fact is I don’t have time to put together a site with everything else I have going on so I’m going to be putting survey things on here. Secondly I am still digging into the results of the survey, it can go on forever I guess. I would REALLY like to continue these surveys as the reaction to this one has been very positive. If you’re happy to fill in the anonymous survey please keep an eye out for the next survey. This is to help indie authors, like me and probably you, understand what is happening in our industry.

I could ramble on but you’re not here for that… so here’s some data.


The survey asked for total sales, ebook sales, and physical copies sold. In general terms these are, what I think, the really interesting stories so far are…

How many books did you sell – BY AUTHOR (so some had only 1 book for sale others had many).

  • 0 13%
  • 1-5 33%
  • 6-10 12%
  • 10-30 11%
  • 30 -50 18%
  • 50+ 12%
  • 1% no response


I will dig down further into this in regards to sales etc. at a later point, these are the quick headlines.

  • 23% of authors used paid marketing.
  • Over 60% used a form of Pay-per-click e.g. Amazon, Google, Goodreads targeted advertising.
  • Just over 20% of authors spent over $100 USD on marketing, with half of these authors spending over $300.
  • 17.9% said they would recommend the marketing method they used.